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Banana - Mawasim Farm Approx. 1 kg
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Banana - Mawasim Farm Approx. 1 kg
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Bananas are naturally full packed with nutritients and specially magnesium and potassium and are very well balanced in macro- and micronutrients. Bananas are very nourishing and keeping satiety for a long time.Banana\'s a faboulous practical easy snack before, during or after sport, for office break or school snack box. Banana always ready to go for the small hunger between. Pure, matched or mixed with other fruits.
About Manufacturer
MAWASIM is the UAE\'s leading farm and fresh produce supplier, active in the fields of Fruit, Vegetables, Organic and Natural products. \nAl Rawafed Agruciltural LLC/ Mawasim Organic Trading LLC, PO Box 41142, Abu Dhabi, UAE