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Berry Bonus

One last tip: if you want strawberries to last long in the fridge, then mix one part white vinegar with 10 parts water, and soak the berries in it for a few minutes. Drain the strawberries until completely dry and then place them in an uncovered bowl in the refrigerator. The mixture kills mold spores and maintains freshness without affecting taste. You can do this with other types of berries as well.

Ask away

Knowing is always better than risking. Do not hesitate to ask questions whenever you buy from the supermarket or order fresh produce from the farm. Learn about how and where a product is grown and if it is certified organic. Make each food purchase an informed purchase.

Don’t be tricked by treats

It’s important to treat yourself from time to time. However, many of our food indulgences are laced with a lot of salt, fat, refined sugar and preservatives – not the best stuff to pamper your body with.  There are several treats that are gluten free, and you can bake healthier versions of favorites such as cookies. Or try some toasted nuts or sweet fruits to give yourself a well-deserved break next time.

Escape exposure

Many health threats lie in plain sight. Non-stick pans and utensils, for example, can release toxic particles and chemicals when overheated. Go for stainless steel or cast iron versions instead. Greasy packaged and fast foods might have traces of perfluorochemicals or PFCs which can take several years to be eliminated from the body. And the bag containing almost all types of microwave popcorn is lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which has been linked to infertility, cancer and other diseases when heated during lab tests. Always be aware of your exposure.

Bulk on whole grains

Fiber, protein and other nutrients that can make you feel fuller for a longer time are found in large amounts in whole grains and legumes. It would thus be ideal to stock on seeds, nuts, grains and beans in bulk as they have a long shelf life.

BPA-free baby

Some research indicates that bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical used in plastics and resins, can adversely affect the behavior, brain development and prostate gland of infants and young children. Choose BPA-free baby bottles made of glass or with clear silicon nipples, and make them chew on frozen washcloths or natural uncoated wood instead of plastic teethers.

Less is more

Reduce the portions you eat, even by as little as a third. This will improve your digestion, lessen bloating and reduce weight. Use smaller plates and wait for 5 to 10 minutes for your neurotransmitters to kick in and tell you you’re full before going for that second helping 

Pause on plastics

Exercise caution when using plastics to handle, serve or store food. Never microwave food or drinks in plastic containers – even those labeled microwave-safe. The heat can break down the material and release chemicals. Don’t use od or scratched water bottles, don’t reuse single-use plastics, and use plastic containers for cool liquids only. Prevent children from handling or chewing on plastic electronics as well that may be coated with harmful chemicals.

Pass on processed

Processed foods lack nutrients and are associated with many health risks due to their hidden sodium, sugar and fat contents. Buy fresh foods instead to spare more expensive trips to the doctor.

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