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Think green. Think organic.

Mother Nature is our best source of sustenance. Natural foods provide us with the right amount and balance of nutrients and other nourishing substances for us to enjoy a high-quality life.

But it isn’t just our personal well-being that we take care of whenever we eat 100% natural foods. Unlike conventional farming, organic food production protects the health of the planet by avoiding the use of harmful synthetic chemicals that can contaminate water and soil and threaten local plants and animals.

Since organic foods are typically distributed locally, they also involve less transportation and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions – the main culprit behind global warming.

Moreover, organic food production maximizes the amount of vegetation planted per farmed area, thus significantly reducing soil erosion and minimizing water consumption.

These are just some of the ways that organic food production keeps the environment safe – making it the most sustainable option for putting fresh produce at the table.

The next time you think about your food choices, consider how organic foods are grown without pesticides, antibiotics, , irradiation or genetic engineering. Think green. live organic.