Upcoming Products

We are about to launch the new products very soon for you!

MAWASIM Celebrates the Upcoming Season for Fresh locally Grown Produce

As the summer months approach, area retailers and consumers alike eagerly anticipate the launch of the 2014 season for locally and regionally grown produce.

Browse our upcoming line of products below:

Basil Chervil Chive Coriander
Dill Mint Oregano Parsley
Rucola Sage Thyme  
 Vegetables & Fruits
Yellow Beans Flat Beans (hilda) Green Beans Broccoli
Cabbage Green Cabbage Carrots Caulifloweres
Cucumbers Mini Cucumbers Eggplants Eggplants (indian type)
Green Kales Purple Kales Butterhead Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce
Roma Lettuce Okra Dry Onions Chilly Peppers
Orange Peppers Mini Orange Peppers Ramiro Peppers Red Peppers
Mini Red Peppers Yellow Peppers Yellow Mini Peppers Potatoes
Autumn Pumpkins Sweet Melons - (cantaloupe type) Sweet Melons - (galia type) Sweet Melons - (pineapple type)
Super Sweet Corns Sweet Potatoes Beef Tomatoes Cherry Plum Tomatoes
Red Cherry Tomatoes Yellow Cherry Tomatoes Zebra Cherry Tomatoes Tomato Bunch
Koosa Mini Watermelons Seedless Watermelons Zucchini
Green Zucchini Yellow Zucchini    
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